The Story of Jungle Joe and his friends!

                                                       One hot summer day, Jungle Joe was driving the safari bus through the jungle on a sightseeing tour. 
                                                       He noticed through the thick jungle trees the volcano was spewing smoke and hot lava was oozing
                                                       out.  Joe stopped the safari bus and yelled to the passengers "We have to save the Tiki village at the
                                                       base of that volcano"!

                                                       So Jungle Joe and his safari friends set out into the Jungle to save the Tiki Village.  They climbed
                                                       mountains, slid down slope, squeezed through boulders, and crawled through caves.  As they made
                                                       thier way through the heart of the jungle they came across a frantic elephant couple.  Elaine and Ethan
                                                       elephant were looking for their lost son Eli.  Jungle Joe invited them to accompany them on their
                                                       journey to save the Tiki Village and he had high hopes of finding Eli there playing with the village
                                                       children.  Once again they set off into the jungle to save the Tiki Village.

The fierce rumble of the volcano, and the dense smoke made trekking through the jungle even more
difficult than before. But they pushed on through a clearing in the trees and much to their surprise saw a
large group of monkeys.  They were dancing, singing and having a birthday party. It was for the leader of
their tribe. The tribe leader greeted them and invited them all to stay for his celebration. Jungle Joe tried
to politely decline their offer, but was persuaded to stay and enjoy the celebration. There was a magician
who with his magic wand made confetti fall from the sky. There were games being played, prizes being
won, presents being opened, and the world's most delicious cake was being served. With their bellies full
and smiles on their faces, Jungle Joe invited the monkeys to join him and his friends to save the Tiki Village.
The monkeys having family living in and around the Tiki Village were quick to join in.

                                                       So off they went back into the deep, dark jungle. They crossed rope bridges to get over huge valleys
                                                       and climbed many more obstacles. They were right outside the village when all of a sudden a huge
                                                       saber tooth tiger came running through the jungle and pounced on Jungle Joe. There was a great
                                                       battle that seemed to last for hours. Joe and the tiger rolled on the ground over rocks and through the
                                                       trees until suddenly there was quiet. When the dust settled there was Joe and the saber tooth tiger
                                                       grinning from ear to ear. Seems they were childhood friends and use to wrestle around a lot when they
                                                       were younger. When the saber tooth tiger saw Jungle Joe he got so excitted he just couldn't help
                                                       himself and had to pounce on him for old time sake. When Joe asked the tiger what he was doing near
                                                       the Tiki village he replied, "Me and some friends were on our way to the watering hole when we saw the
                                                       volcano erupt. The first thing we thought to do was to make our way to the village to save all our
                                                       friends." The Saber Tooth tiger told Joe that everyone including a friendly little lost elephant had been
                                                       moved to a safe place on higher ground. When Jungle Joe and his
friends arrived at the safe location a great cheer of happiness was heard. Everyone was safe and reunited
with their loved ones.

Jungle Joe had such a wonderful adventure he did not want it to end. So he decided to open a place
where he could relive this wonderful day over and over again. A safe place where he could meet new
friends, a place you can climb, slide, jump and play, eat the world's best cake and celebrate someone
specials birthday and maybe even play with Eli the elephant. This place of course is Jungle Joe's.

Monday - Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 8pm
​Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Jungle Joe's Family Fun Center
7255 South Sprinkle Road
Portage MI 49002